Josh Reid

Josh Reid is the Business Development Manager at the Australian Television and Media Group, and has an MBA specialising in Entrepreneurial Management from the Australian Institute of Business.

His career began in the 1990s as a stage actor, and Josh has been actively involved in print, radio and film ever since – recently producing a seven-part children’s book series and directing a feature film which distributed throughout 3000 Walmart stores across the USA.

Throughout his career, Josh has held senior management and creative positions including CEO of Wollongong radio station, Pulse 94.1FM in NSW, authored nine books, and created various fine art paintings for his books and portraits for public exhibition.

Josh has been invited as a keynote speaker at various media conferences and events in Australia and South Africa, and has also used his creativity and management skills working with a number of organisations across the philanthropic and not-for-profit sector in Australia.

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Creative Credits:

2019 – current: Eternity (Documentary)
2019 – current: Desserts of the World (TV Series)
2019 – current: Mackenzie Tanaya and the Faerie Key (Novel)
2017 – current: Mackenzie Tanaya and the Faerie Key (7-part Children’s Book Series)
2016: Little Bluewing (Children’s Book)
2015: 1500 Steps (Feature Film)
2014: Powerful Christian Radio (Non-fiction Book)
2011: Suing the Devil (Feature Film)
2010: Water for a Village (Commissioned Painting)
2009: Beneath Black Skies (Documentary)