24 June 2020

A 24 meter wide ETERNITY MURAL will be painted in Darlinghurst on Friday 26 June starting at 10am by Sydney street artists inspired by the work of Mr Eternity.

The mural will become part of the historical timeline of the ETERNITY story, and will depict how this one word has been embraced and celebrated in Sydney, starting in 1932 when Arthur Stace first chalked the word on the streets up until the recent Eternity skywriting that appeared over the skies of Sydney.

The head artist of the mural, Matthew ‘Mistery’ Peet, will be joined by seven other street artists throughout the day.

Mistery is one of Australia’s leading hip hop, graffiti and street artists and has completed murals around the world in cities and countries including New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, London, Birmingham, Munich, Paris, Madrid, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bosnia, Fiji, Canada, Switzerland and many others.

The painting will be filmed by the producers of the new ETERNITY film which will be released later this year.

In addition to the documentary filming, the painting of the mural will be live streamed throughout the day on the film’s social media Facebook and Instagram feeds.

The mural painting is being organised by Rosano Martinez from Youth and Family Connect as a community building project and is an example of how ETERNITY continues to be celebrated in Sydney today.

Eternity Mural Sketch (c) Mistery, 2020

“Mistery is the perfect man for this mural,” said Richard Attieh, the Executive Producer and Director of the new film.  “He travels the world telling street artists about Arthur Stace’s “tag” appearing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2000.”

Mistery says, “Arthur Stace is the father of street art.  He was Banksy before Banksy came along.  This mural is the Sydney street art community paying tribute to one of our founding fathers.”

The organisers of the mural, Youth and Family Connect, run a number of community cultural and creative festivals and initiatives, events and programs in the inner city.  The CEO, Rosano Martinez, says, “This mural is a community project that will bring people together around such an iconic part of our history.”

The mural will be painted on the corner of Palmer and Stanley Streets in Darlinghurst, just two blocks from the Eternity Playhouse Theatre – where Eternity was first written on the streets in 1932.

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