Did You Know Education

Did You Know Education

Did You Know Education is an education charity which provides teaching resources that align with the Australian National School Curriculum.

Since being established in December 2014, Did You Know Education produced educational content which focused exclusively on Australian history.

Under new leadership since 2020, we are expanding our circle of influence to produce materials which meet the following objectives:

  • Address learning outcomes in the National School Curriculum across a number of subjects including History, Social Studies, Ethics, English and Literature, Drama, Civics, etc, and
  • Teach universal community building and humanitarian themes based on inclusiveness, diversity, sustainability, religion and human rights through creative storytelling.

We will do this by:

  • Developing and distributing original multi-platform educational products of our own accord,
  • Partnering with existing community groups and specialist organisations to produce educational content,
  • Respecting and promoting cultural, religious, ethical and political diversity, and
  • Distributing content into schools, to teachers and to the wider community, and through traditional, emerging and social media platforms.

Through the above activities, we seek to resource, empower and connect with:

  • Teachers and parents of school aged children,
  • Students in primary and secondary schools,
  • Special interest teachers, teachers aids, chaplains and other specialist mentors including those who run lunchtime groups and after school activities, and
  • Specialist community organisations who have the ability to partner with us to produce materials which meet our core objectives.

Did You Know Education is an incorporated association in NSW with DGR 1 status.  All financial support to the work of Did You Know Education is tax deductible.


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