Eternity Film

Documentary Outline
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Interview Reel


Confirmed interviews to be filmed include:

Eddie McGuire
Ch 9 Millennium TV Host

Shirley Fitzgerald
The Sydney Dictionary

Colin Buchanan
Golden Guitar Winner

Pearley Jones

Nikki Gemmell
Author and Journalist

Russell Morris
Rock Musician

Nathan Tasker
Australian Psalmist

Rohan Manokaran
Eternity Accountants


Completed interviews include:

Ric Birch
2000 Sydney Olympics

Amylia Harris
Eternity Playhouse Theatre

Ignatius Jones
Millennium Fireworks

Peter Tonkin
Eternity Theatre Architect

Frank Sartor
Sydney Lord Mayor (2000)

Ruth Ridley
Daughter, John Ridley

Hip Hop & Graffiti Artist

Remo Guiffre
REMO General Store


Richard Attieh
Executive Producer
02 9966 9596
0407 708 466

Josh Reid

Business Development
02 9966 9596
0434 841 234